Hot Stamp


Umble Coffee Company jumped headfirst into the coffee world in 2016, excited to sell fresh, finely roasted beans from their online shop as well as locally. From the start, the Umble crew knew that they were looking for a brand identity that was relevant to their roots in Starkville, Mississippi; but as they were without a name or a logo, Quel was thrilled to help them jumpstart the process. The whole Quel team collaborated through a series of team activities including brainstorming, sticky noting, sketching, and eventually finalizing a name and logo for Umble.

Umble Challenge: Be still and reflect for 3 minutes every day

The chosen name, Umble, was inspired by southern approachability and warmth. The image of a crow had surfaced during our naming exercises and eventually inspired the final logo. The extended Umble brand featured deep blues, condensed fonts, and was finished with a golden wood round for a bold but high-end feel. When it came time for packaging, Umble selected a kraft block bottom bag with a hot stamp design. Although they planned to roast several blends, their small batch approach offered the option of using a rubber stamp to indicate roast name rather than a traditional sticker label. The design also incorporated a roast “ramp” and a place to indicate bean type and roast date.

Umble Coffee Roasting Bag
Hand Selected
Craft Roasted
Delivered To You