Digital Packaging


Spunks Pumpkin Seeds with a Kick has been in business for over 15 years. Based out of Bothell Washington, they craft roast their pumpkin seeds and had been packaging them in a clear stock bag with a circle sticker. Looking to get a more polished look to get onto the shelves of grocers, they partnered up with Quel Design to create a product series that captured their colorful and spunky persona.



Part of the design process what sampling all of the delicious varieties. We created a moodboard to kick off the project and right away, we were all drawn to colorful patterns and knew that the bags needed a clear window to showcase the pumpkin seeds. We went full Chuck Noris on the project, from actual images of a shoe kicking to a fiery window, we landed with a unique color and pattern for each variety while keeping consistency with the all up branding so that the product line is easily recognizable as well and extendable.

Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Original Cajun Kick
Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Garlic Pepper Kick
Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Extra Cajun Kick
Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Sea Salt Kick
Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Naked
Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Sriracha Kick