Label Design


Fieldheads Coffee Roasting is an artisan roaster located in beautiful Bigfork, Montana and nestled next to the shores of Flathead Lake. When Ben and Melissa Storest purchased Fieldheads in 2011, it was a small internet cafe. But the Storests had a different vision for their newly purchased adventure: a quality coffee roaster dedicated to serving a delicious brew and appealing to outdoor adventurers. Excited for the opportunity to help out our hometown roaster (and the provider of our office coffee), Quel jumped headfirst into new coffee bag design concepts.



While the Storests loved the initial design concepts, something wasn’t quite right with the overall vibe of the bag. During a meeting with us, a deeper root to their uneasiness was revealed: the inherited logo didn’t embody Ben and Melissa’s new direction for Fieldheads as a whole. Thus, a few designs later, a new Fieldheads logo was born. A merger of Montana’s natural beauty, custom typography, and the legend of the wishing rock brought new life to the brand. Equipped with the new logo, alternate bag designs began to take shape.

Once the new bag was finalized, a new challenge arose – a system of indicator labels. While Fieldheads is a small batch roastery, it creates an impressive amount of premium coffee. With single origin, blends, and espressos they have a total of twenty-six different coffees from all over the world and are frequently adding new roasts. Since Fieldheads roasts, packages, and labels on site, Quel needed an efficient way to organize all of their coffees. A new color-coded label system was soon born, featuring custom illustrations that uniquely represent each coffee type and flavor.

Single Origin


Premium Blend

Armed with the new logo with inspiration from wishing rocks, mountains and topo maps, developing the new bag and label designs for Fieldheads was a dream. They selected a mountain-inspired design based on Montana’s natural colorful palette. In the end, Fieldheads left with a beautiful, flexible brand with room for growth as they continue to expand their product offerings and services.